Monday, October 10, 2011

Intimate Adventures - Guiding Couples to Find Their Blended Spirit

Now you can pick up 12 Intimate Adventures in one physical book.  For those of you without an e-reader you can now enjoy the beauty and connecting in the  Intimate Adventures Series.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Intimate Adventures - Guiding Couples To Their Blended Spirit

Get the first twelve Intimate Adventures in one book.  All the great spiritual and physical enjoyment for many nights of great love.  Find out why so many people are getting in touch with their Blended Spirit and connecting to their beloved in a deeper more passionate way.

In this book you get : I Honor You, Making Love Around The World, Smudge Sticks & War Paint, My Love Bubbles Over, The Pleasure Stick, I Am You You Are Me, Nature Lovers, Honor Blanket, Scavenger Hunt, Soak Up Some Art, Moon Ceremonies, and Sigils For Lovers.

Print Version of Intimate Adventures - Guiding Couples to Their Blended Spirit will be out SOON.